• Andy

Server Issues

Due to a server issue at Rushcliff PPS ,the company that hosts and supplies our Private Practice Software ,

.We have been unable to access our Diaries or Databases today,, this is the second time this week it has happened . Monday was the first .

Apologies to all our patients that have tried to arrange their appointments rebook .It is unacceptable to us however it is out with our control and we will be raising our concerns with Rushcliff

We will be seeking reassurances that this situation will not reoccur


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Please be aware our face mask policy has not changed, you will still have to wear a face mask whilst attending for your appointment .

Due to a power outage in Portland Street ,which occurred at approx 9am this morning ,we have no power in the clinic, despite initially being informed that the power would be back on by lunchtime ,this